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Ltd Edition Profound Mysteries 6xLP Numbered Boxset

Ltd Edition Profound Mysteries 6xLP Numbered Boxset

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Röyksopp's Profound Mysteries I, II & III double vinyl presented in a die cut slipcase. Includes a 32 page booklet.

Limited edition and numbered.
Profound Mysteries III
  1. So Ambiguous 
  2. Me&Youphoria 
  3. Stay Alive 
  4. The Night
  5. Lights Out
  6. Speed King
  7. The Next Day
  8. Just Wanted To Know
  9. Feel It
  10. Like An Old Dog
Profound Mysteries II
  1. Denimclad Baboons
  2. Let's Get It Right 
  3. Unity 
  4. Oh, Lover
  5. Sorry
  6. Control
  7. It Was A Good Thing
  8. Remembering The Departed
  9. Tell Him
  10. Some Resolve
Profound Mysteries I
  1. (Nothing But) Ashes...
  2. The Ladder
  3. Impossible 
  4. This Time, This Place…
  5. How The Flowers Grow
  6. If You Want Me
  7. There, Beyond The Trees
  8. Breathe
  9. The Mourning Sun
  10. Press «R»

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